Many Uses of Sodium Bentonite

  1. Pond sealant
  2. Lagoons…Dairy, sewage, feedlot, etc….
  3. Waste water treatment
  4. Hazardous & Non hazardous liquid retention ponds
  5. Hole plug-seismic & cathotic plugging
  6. Feed binders as a binder
  7. Natural pesticide carrier
  8. All natural clumping cat litter
  9. All natural odor absorbent
  10. Bathing minerals and toxin absorbent
  11. Cleansing facial masks to absorb impurities
  12. Drilling mud for oil drilling
  13. As a bond for sand grains in foundries
  14. For palletizing solidified iron ore to suite reduction processing in blast furnaces
  15. Injected through fissures and cracks to prevent water from passing into constructions.
  16. Purification and color reduction of fats, oils, and waxes
  17. Small amounts of bentonite are used in the absorption of oils and greases, in paint, paper industry, cosmetics, insecticides, and in ceramic industries
  18. Wine making process
  19. It is used in some soaps
  20. Dust control
  21. Water proofing basements and underground cellars
  22. Long lasting soil stabilization
  23. Colon cleanser
  24. Healing clay
  25. Septic tank & cesspool liners

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